Saudi Arabians are not happy that the wife of their new soccer coach is a Playboy-featured model, Al Arabiya reports.

Ana Maria Prodan, wife of newly-signed coach Laurentiu Reghecampf, lives in Las Vegas and supplements her income as the first female FIFA-licensed Romanian agent with gambling and modeling. Her husband on Tuesday signed a two-year contract with Saudi Arabia’s popular football club, al-Hilal.

Saudi Arabia is a conservative culture that prefers women be covered from head to toe with just their eyes showing. If Prodan moves to the country with her husband — it’s unclear right now whether she will — she will be required to cover herself.

When Saudis found out about Prodan’s lifestyle, they took to Twitter, calling her an “addict” and saying she should be banned from the country for her modeling career, according to tweets translated by Al Arabiya.

“The wife of al-Hilal’s manager works as club president, activist, agent and former addict,” wrote Faisal al-Mohlaki. “My comment is: a coach who is unable to control his wife, how can he control [al-Hilal player Nawaf] Al Abed?”

Another Twitter user, known only as “Abdullah,” said Prodan should not be allowed in Saudi Arabia for being “a model for pornographic magazines.”

Much of the outrage seems to have stemmed more from anger over Reghecampf becoming coach, as the Twitter hashtag “No_To_Reghecampf_Yes_To_Sami” sprang up in defense of outgoing coach Sami al-Jaber.