The senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee on Sunday ripped Democrats for a soon-to-be-released review of Central Intelligence Agency interrogation practices, saying that the techniques in question foiled terrorist plots.

“There’s a theory on the part of Senate Democrats, who are the only ones that carried out this investigation ... that no significant information was obtained as a result of the use of those enhanced interrogation techniques,” Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “That is absolutely wrong.”

“Information gleaned from these interrogations was in fact used to interrupt and disrupt terrorist plots, including some information that took down [Osama] bin Laden,” Chambliss insisted.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is expected in coming days to release a report that labels enhanced interrogation techniques as both torture and ineffective.

A spat between the intelligence community and the Senate, though, has overshadowed the report itself.

The CIA acknowledged in recent days that the agency spied on Senate staffers compiling the report, an embarrassing admission for the Obama administration, which had previously denied such accusations.

However, Chambliss said on Sunday that the staffers responsible for the spying, not CIA Director John Brennan, should be fired.

“I think John has done a really good job,” Chambliss said. “When he found out about this breach ... he came to us and said, ‘Here’s what happened.’ ”

“These five staffers that did this,” Chambliss added, “if they worked for me, they’d be gone now.”