"Scandal" fans flocked to Shaw's Studio 52 Sunday night to meet the real life Olivia Pope. That, of course, would be crisis management expert Judy Smith, who is co-executive producer of the show while continuing to take on controversial clients like Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, ensnared in the recent Petraeus affair scandal.

Smith -- who can't really talk about her day job -- was on hand to sign copies of her book "Good Self, Bad Self," but also answered questions about the show, which stars actress Kerry Washington. Some things, she says, are total fiction. "I didn't sleep with the president, right?" Smith chuckled. But others are sometimes pretty true to life. "One time, I think this was a few episodes ago, I had come in from work, just exhausted and had a glass of wine and some popcorn and I said I'm just going to watch the show," Smith said. "So I'm sitting on a sofa, drinking wine and eating popcorn and she's doing the same thing," she said of her small screen self.

Another similarity? The two dress alike. "I love white, so you see her a lot in white coats. I'm like a chronic white wearer," Smith said.