Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, ahead of President Trump's visit with Chinese President Xi, said Trump has done nothing to even the trade playing field with Beijing and as a result has made American "look like a 98-pound weakling."

The New York Democrat said one of the few things he was looking forward to in a Trump administration was the president following through on his threats to China, but so far he has yet to demand any concessions.

"One of the main issues that [Trump] campaigned on was that China takes us out to lunch, stealing millions of American jobs through unfair trade practices," Schumer said. "Yet since Donald Trump has become president, his policies have made America look like a 98-pound weakling. He has done nothing."

Trump will host Xi at his Palm Beach, Florida estate Mar-a-Lago Thursday for their first summit.

One day ahead of the meeting, Schumer called out Trump for failing to call China a currency manipulator on his first day in office, as promised, to demand Beijing stop "aiding and abetting" cyber theft and to insist that his companies stop dumping steel and aluminum on the international market, hurting U.S. industry as a result.

"The eyes of American workers are upon you when you meet with President Xi," Schumer said. "Because you haven't done anything so far to stand up for American jobs" when it comes to China's unfair trade practices.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., expressed concern that Trump is more worried about expanding his business interests in China than holding Beijing accountable for manipulating its currency and dumping steel and aluminum.

She argued that Trump fought in Chinese courts for years to get his trademark recognized and over the last year had 36 businesses approved to operate there, including spas, massage parlors, construction companies and real estate companies.

"This is not a partisan issue – this is about [U.S.] jobs," she said, adding that she is concerned that Trump is more interested in "expanding his own businesses in China rather than expanding businesses at home."