‘Charlie Sheen is going to die this week,” a longtime close friend of the actor told Radar Online.

Why the dire prognostication? The actor, who made headlines last week for being hospitalized in NYC after an alleged alcohol-and-drug binge, is said to be continuing his hard-living streak back home in Los Angeles.

“Charlie’s cocaine use is out of control,” a source said. “The situation has gotten even worse.”

According to the website’s sources, the “Two and a Half Men” star has been doing drugs and hanging out with prostitutes since his return to the West Coast — and handlers are at a loss as to how to end the bender.

“It’s been a nonstop party of drugs and hookers since Charlie got home,” a source said. “He is completely out of control. No one can get through to him.”

Along with his addiction issues, the actor may face a legal battle from the adult-film star who was in the hotel room with Charlie when cops took him to the hospital. Capri Anderson plans to file a lawsuit, claiming she felt her life was in danger as Charlie flipped out and trashed the room, TMZ reported.

That night, per Radar Online, he rented her company for $12,000, and indulged in a boozy dinner that ended with him dropping trou in the bathroom of a fancy restaurant. When his assistant went to find him, “there was Charlie standing there naked with cocaine all over his face!” a source said. “He was delusional and just completely lost. Totally out of it.”


Tattooed bride?

Kat Von D was sporting a large diamond on her finger when she arrived on the set of Joy Behar’s talk show last week — but “she told Joy very emphatically she did not want to talk about it,” a source told the New York Post.

Though the host didn’t ask whether she is engaged to Jesse James — it would be his fourth marriage — she did coax Kat into confirming they’re “a couple.”


Moving on

After years as the wife of a celebrity, Camille Grammer is having her moment in the spotlight as one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”—ironically, just as her marriage has ended. She said Kelsey Grammer unceremoniously dumped her over the phone after 14 years as husband and wife.

During that fateful call, Camille told People magazine, “I started crying and he said, ‘Oh, grow up.’ I said, ‘What about our children?’ And he said, ‘They’ll get over it.’ It was harsh.”

As the former “Frasier” star, now performing on Broadway, spends time in New York with his new girlfriend, Camille said, “I feel completely abandoned. I feel dismissed. This all happened very quickly for me. We don’t even speak. He doesn’t want to.”

Her two children, she said, “still don’t realize he’s not coming back. They think their daddy is busy doing a play.”

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