TAMPA, Fla. – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had some advice for Rep. Paul Ryan ahead of his fellow Badger Stater’s Vice Presidential acceptance speech tonight.

“Be himself,” Walker told the Washington Examiner on the Republican National Convention floor. “The more people see Paul and the more they get to hear about Paul, the more they get to know who he is. I’ve seen it on the campaign trail. People love him, and not just the base – undecided swing voters, because of the way he presents himself. He’s decent. He’s respectful. He’s just an overall, I think, quality person and getting to feel that tonight, seeing he’s not just about the budget, but what drives him is his kids, his mother, his family, his constituents, his love for this country. And also, Paul’s not just driven by budget reform, but about a pro-growth agenda that will get the economy growing again.”

Walker also said that Ryan’s presence on the ticket has boosted Romney’s already good chances of carrying Wisconsin, which has emerged in recent weeks as a key swing state.

“I actually felt even after my election it opened the window for Mitt Romney to win, even before putting Paul Ryan on the ticket, just because of our winning with so many swing voters and some discerning Democrats,” Walker said, referring to his victory in the June recall election. “To win by 7 in Wisconsin, you have to have some of that margin beyond just Republicans. I felt if Mitt Romney could show the ‘R’ next to his name didn’t just stand for ‘Republican,’ but stood for ‘reformer,’ that people would gravitate toward him and he could win. With Paul Ryan on, not just because he’s from Wisconsin, but because Paul Ryan embodies reform, I think that’s the kind of thing swing voters will take to in Wisconsin.”