Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes Hillary Clinton's biggest obstacle as a presidential candidate will be her deep connections to Washington.

"I think the biggest problem that [former] Secretary of State Clinton has is much bigger than just that, it’s that she is throughout her adult life, she has been a product of Washington, whether she’s been there, worked there, secretary of state, United States senator, not only first lady, but back to her days working on the Hill," Walker said during an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday evening.

Walker, a potential 2016 GOP candidate, suggested that Americans have "had it" with Washington and would prefer a reformer.

"I think for her, her connection, her longevity connected to Washington, more than anything, is going to be a huge liability for her," he said.

Hillary Clinton's years as secretary of state weren't very impressive either, Walker noted, explaining that he has a difficult time pointing to her successes.

"I mean, you look at, you mention the problems around the world. She was good at flying around and traveling, but I have a hard time seeing any major victories for this country, and for what it means across the world up there."