Fox News host Sean Hannity issued a stern warning to Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday, saying Moore needed to settle the inconsistencies in his defense against allegations of sexual misconduct within 24 hours or exit the race.

"For me, the judge has 24 hours," Hannity said during the closing of his Fox News show. "You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies that I just showed. You must remove any doubt. If you can't do this, then Judge Moore needs to get out of this race."

In a Washington Post report published last week, Moore was accused by four women of sexual misconduct when they were between the ages of 14 and 18 and he was in his 30s.

A fifth accuser came forward on Monday, alleging Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16.

The inconsistencies referred to by Hannity are Moore's insistence that he would never date a woman without permission from her mother, before adding that the 14-year-old accuser said "in her statement" that her mother encouraged her to go out with Moore.

Moore also denied knowing the fifth accuser, but she presented a yearbook with what appeared to be Moore's signature in it at a press conference in which she told her story.

Hannity on Thursday during his radio program, "The Sean Hannity Show," dismissed the claims of the first four women because, "It's he said, she [said]."

It was also speculated that he called the encounters "consensual," but a transcript appears to suggest he was merely caught in on-air cross talk with guest Lynda McLaughlin.

Facing a backlash, Hannity walked back his remarks later Thursday on social media and during his TV spot, apologizing for not being "totally clear" and condemning the media for reporting his words out a context.

"It’s really sad when the lazy media in this country cuts and pastes a deceptive and out-of-context comment by a Soros-funded, radical, left-wing group that has purposefully taken me out of context for years," Hannity said.

Not shying away from the controversy, Hannity then invited Moore to defend himself on his radio program on Friday.

In the interview, Moore said the allegations were unfounded and "politically motivated."

Hannity's coverage of the scandal caused advertisers like Keurig to pull advertisements from his TV program over the weekend.

"This country has way too many issues and problems," Hannity said Tuesday. "The American people deserve 100 percent truth and honesty. We need to correct answers the first time on issues this serious."

"Judge Moore, you owe that to the people of Alabama, the Republican Party that you represent, and the country which is suffering under so many problems," he continued.