Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity said former FBI Director James Comey "should go to jail" for failing to prosecute 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In a segment on his show Thursday related to the FBI's investigation into Clinton's email controversy, Hannity said "the fix was in" because text messages showed agents involved in the case opposed then-candidate Donald Trump's campaign.

Fox legal analyst Greg Jarrett told Hannity that agent Peter Strzok, who had sent and received some of the anti-Trump texts, Comey "and others" may be guilty of obstructing justice if it were proven that they wanted to clear Clinton of wrongdoing for political reasons.

"Meaning, if the fix was in, Greg, Comey should go to jail," Hannity said.

Comey led the investigation into Clinton, though in the summer before the election, he said there was not enough evidence for the Justice Department to pursue a criminal case.

CNN reported that Strzok was responsible for changing the wording in the FBI's description of Clinton's handling of classified email from "grossly negligent" to the less harsh "extremely careless."