Sean Hannity offered to foot the therapy bill for MSNBC host Joe Scarborough after suggesting he needs “help” for his “rage and contempt” towards President Trump.

The Fox News host played a clip of Thursday’s “Morning Joe” episode, where a panel led by Scarborough and his co-host and fiancee Mika Brzezinski suggested that Trump was not physically or mentally fit enough to serve as president after slurring his words in a speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's official capital.

After the clip finished, Hannity proclaimed to Scarborough, “You are not mentally fit to host a TV show."

“There you have it on sheer conspiracy TV from the unhinged morning show co-host and his merry band of 'Never Trumpers,'” Hannity continued. “Makes you wonder why Liberal Joe has so much rage and contempt for this president.”

He added, “Joe, you are kind of scaring us. I will pay for therapy, if you need it.”

This exchange was not the first time Hannity suggested that Scarborough needs “help.” Last month he told the former congressman and MSNBC host to get help for his “obsessive-compulsive hatred” of Trump.