White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended Ivanka Trump's role in the White House as one that will help her empower women in the workforce or as they seek an education.

When asked what Trump's qualifications are to help her father, President Trump, in the White House, Spicer pointed to Ivanka Trump's business background and her history of working to empower women in her private life.

"It's a passion of hers, and for her to bring her business acumen and success, her passion for women and empowerment and education and entrance into areas that they haven't been able to get to is one of the reasons Chancellor Merkel reached out to her," Spicer said, referring to the W-20 conference in Germany Trump attended last week.

Ivanka Trump is a special advisor to her father, and is considered one of his closest confidantes. Trump built a brand in her father's business, but had no public service experience prior to entering the White House.

He said Trump's weekly meetings with Cabinet officials like Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are necessary ways for her to "get up to speed" on issues. However, Spicer said her main focus in the White House would be working on women's issues.

"She can use her voice to help bring attention to issues," he said. "She can use her resources and knowledge of individuals to break down some barriers that young women, older women, face in education and business."