White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Wednesday dismissed Hillary Clinton's complaint that she would be president if it wasn't for the FBI's decision to reveal it reopened its investigation into her private email.

On Tuesday, Clinton said that decision sunk her campaign, and that if the election were held on Oct. 27, the day before the FBI made its announcement, "I'd be your president."

At his daily White House briefing, Spicer rejected that, and said campaigns last until election day in November.

"I'm a Patriots fan, and... if games ended in the third quarter, there would have been a different team here," Spicer said, referring to the New England Patriots' stunning comeback in the last Super Bowl.

"But you play a game for four quarters, you play an election until election day," he said. "So, with all due respect to her, that's not how it works."

"You don't get to pick the day the election's on, it's set by the Constitution," Spicer added.