Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer will officially leave his job in the West Wing this week.

A Trump administration official told CNN that Thursday will be his official last day, and two other sources that colleagues will throw him a "farewell party."

Spicer announced his resignation in mid-July after Anthony Scaramucci was hired as the communications director -- a move he opposed. Scaramucci was removed from his post a week and a half later, but Spicer said his departure would not change.

The former Republican National Committee communications director was selected as Trump's communications director and press secretary last December, days before Christmas.

Spicer defended Trump countless times during his seven months of employment at the White House, including in Trump's clash with the media over his claims about the crowd size at his inauguration.

During Trump's first foreign trip in May, Spicer, a devout Catholic, was deprived of meeting Pope Francis while Trump officials passed through the Vatican. Spicer was only able to meet the pope during a return visit to Europe in mid-August.

In light of his leaving the White House, Spicer said he was interested in appearing on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," but also turned down an offer to be on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."