Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was not planning on holding a press conference his first day on the job, he told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.

"And so right off the bat, your first-ever press conference. You get in there and it's the day after the inauguration, right?" Kimmel said. "And you are charged with the job of going in front of the press and saying that the inauguration crowd was the biggest crowd I think ever, biggest audience."

"Yes, I am aware," Spicer said. "I appreciate the reminder of how it went down."

Spicer, Kimmel, and audience members laughed at Spicer's response.

"If it was up to you would this even have been a topic?" Kimmel asked.

"You know, if it was up to me I would have probably worn a different suit," Spicer said. "I thought I was going in on a Saturday morning to set my office up, get the computer, make sure the emails went out. You know."

"Somebody told you, you need to go out there and say this?" Kimmel asked.

"The president wanted to make sure the record got set straight," Spicer said.

"Why is he so concerned with size?" Kimmel asked. "Have you ever seen the president naked?"

Spicer said he had not, but said Trump sometimes takes criticism personally.

"I said it at the time and I believe in all seriousness, again, whether or not you voted for him or not, the president won the election," Spicer responded. "He ... faced a lot of headwinds. I think there was a faction of people out there that didn't want to give him the credit that he rightly deserved. I think he takes a lot of that sometimes personally. Some of us who worked very hard to get him elected felt as though a lot of folks in the media in particular constantly sought to undermine the validity of that election. And so you have to understand it sometimes from that perspective."

Spicer resigned as White House press secretary in July.