White House press secretary Sean Spicer praised President Trump during a fundraiser at the president's Virginia golf course for proving that Republicans "get things done" when they control Congress and the White House.

"What President Trump has shown us in the last 100-plus days is when Republicans are in office, they get things done," Spicer said Thursday evening.

The press secretary addressed a crowd of roughly 75 people attending a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Virginia at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. A small group of protesters rallied at the entrance to the golf course before the fundraiser.

Tickets to the event ranged from $125 per person to $6,000 for six tickets, which included entry into the general reception and a VIP reception.

Spicer read from prepared remarks, running through a list of actions Trump has taken since assuming the presidency, including his use of the Congressional Review Act to roll back Obama-era regulations and nomination of Neil Gorsuch to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court.

"The interesting thing about President Trump is when you look at his record, he's someone you don't want to bet against. He wins every time," Spicer said. "The biggest bet that he has is on this country and our people, and they're going to win. Our country is going to win. Our businesses are going to win, because that's the bet that he has on us now."

Billed as the "special guest" at the event, Spicer's appearance before attendees came as the White House neared the end of a tumultuous week, during which several reports came out regarding Trump and the FBI's investigation into his associates' ties to Russia.

Spicer's own role as White House press secretary has also been under scrutiny, as Trump reportedly discussed with aides a potential shakeup on his communications team.

Spicer, though, didn't make any mention of the report, and instead stressed that the president has made a point to surround himself with advisers who are focused on quality.

"[The media doesn't] understand that the people who surround this president in business are the kind of people that he's surrounded himself with now — quality people who care about putting out a quality product, that care about people, that care about service," Spicer said.