Sebastian Gorka is working with the conservative Heritage Foundation. As an independent contractor though, the former deputy assistant to President Trump won’t enjoy all the perks of a full-time employee. For instance, Gorka won’t even get a spot in the Heritage parking garage for his now infamous Mustang.

“Dr. Gorka has contracted to give a series of five foreign policy speeches to Heritage audiences. His fourth speech will be delivered at Heritage in mid-December,” Heritage spokesman John Cooper said in a statement after the Washington Examiner broke the news of Gorka's affiliation with the think tank.

Late Tuesday afternoon Gorka updated his public resume to include a post at the conservative think tank. According to his LinkedIn profile, Gorka has worked at Heritage as a consultant since October.

But Heritage quickly made it clear that Gorka's connection was limited.

“Dr. Gorka is an independent contractor,” Cooper clarified. “He is solely responsible for the content of his speeches and other statements, and his views are not necessarily those of Heritage or any of its personnel.”

No stranger to controversy, Gorka was an outspoken and combative defender of Trump’s security agenda during his time at the White House. Earlier in August, the administration released a statement saying Gorka did not resign his post — a claim that Gorka disputed in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

His pro-Trump foreign policy combined with the think tank’s warm relationship with the administration seem to make Heritage a natural fit. Gorka did not return multiple requests for comment.

This story has been updated to include a statement from Heritage about the limited nature of Gorka's employment at Heritage.