One week after he parted ways with the Trump administration, Sebastian Gorka was spotted outside the White House seemingly picking up his belongings on Friday.

CNN's Jeremy Diamond and NBC News' Ali Vitali posted photos to Twitter showing Gorka, outside of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building — which is just west of the White House — piling personal items into his Mustang convertible.

There are varying accounts on the impetus for Gorka's departure.

It was initially reported last Friday, Aug. 25, that Gorka, a national security aide to President Trump, had submitted his letter of resignation. While the White House later suggested that Gorka had been fired, Gorka himself maintains that it was his decision to leave.

This week a report came out that said the White House warned staff and the Secret Service allow Gorka on the White House grounds just before news of Gorka's exit from the administration broke.