It’s still all about Bill Clinton, even as his wife nears the starting gate for the 2016 presidential election.

According to the latest Economist/YouGov poll, he is far more popular than Hillary Clinton, who can’t even eek out a higher approval rating than slumping President Obama. Remarkably for someone who just wrapped up a book tour, more have an unfavorable opinion of her than favorable.

The poll said that 60 percent of the nation has a favorable opinion of Bill Clinton, while just 33 percent an unfavorable one. And even a third of Republicans have a favorable recollection of the two-term Democrat.

“Bill Clinton remains the most popular living ex-president,” said the poll analysis.

But, as Hillary Clinton found in her failed 2008 presidential primary campaign against Obama, his popularity doesn’t rub off on her.

The poll pegged her favorable-unfavorable rating at 46 percent to 48 percent, and it’s been sliding over the past month. She had a favorability rating over 50 percent a year ago.

President Obama’s rating is also 46 percent favorable, to 49 percent unfavorable, driven by a 91 percent unfavorable rating among Republicans.

“She has typically been the most well-liked of all those who are being mentioned as candidates in 2016, Republican and Democrat. This week is no exception. However, perhaps because of her husband’s great popularity, the former senator and Secretary of State may suffer by comparison. This is one of the few weeks where those with unfavorable opinions slightly outnumber those with favorable ones,” said the poll.

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