Service Employees International Union president Mary Kay Henry said that President Obama’s push for higher taxes on the wealthy is not fair, because he’s not demanding a large enough tax increase to make the wealthy pay their “fair share.”‘

“I think President Obama has drawn the brightest line that I’ve ever seen him draw on the question of [how] we have got to get the wealthiest Americans to pay just a little bit more — by the way, I don’t consider it their fair share, because fair share would be returning to the Clinton tax [rates],” Henry said on Newsmakers yesterday. “So, this is just a little bit more.”

Obama is pushing for a 39.4 percent tax rate on everyone who makes more than $250,000 a year. Under Clinton, those households paid the 39 percent on all money, not just the income after $250,000.

Henry said that the SEIU is lobbying Congress and running campaign-style television ads calling for the tax increases rather than spending cuts. She also indicated that the SEIU is paying its members to campaign.

“We’ve kept our members off the job to continue to do education of family, friends, and coworkers,” Henry said.

Asked about potential compromises, Henry said that the SEIU opposes merely raising taxes on millionaires. “It is worth going over the cliff,” she said. “That doesn’t generate enough money.”