Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., offered up some comic relief during the "vote-a-rama" Thursday evening as he was spotted re-gifting cases of Dr Pepper that were jokingly sent to him following a headline-making soda spill the day before.

Sasse caused a bit of scene Wednesday during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when he accidentally "dumped" a Dr Pepper on fellow Republican senator, Ted Cruz.

The senator received the cases at his office Thurday, James Wegmann, press secretary for Sen. Sass said. They had also heard "rumors that there was 'truckload' on its way," noting that they didn't think the hearsay was true.

"After Sen Sasse spills Dr Pepper on Cruz, ppl keep sending Sasse cases of Dr Pepper. Creates ethics issue. He delivers case to press gallery," Fox News congressional reporter Chad Pergram tweeted.

Independent Journal Review reporter Haley Byrd tweeted a photo of her beverage, lightheartedly warning Cruz to be on the look-out.

"There was some drama there," Sasse said to Sessions during the hearing a day earlier. "Sorry to have added to the drama and distracted you for a minute. I was paying enough attention there that I dumped a Dr Pepper on Sen. Cruz. So, that's what was, uh, distracting us on this side of the dais."