Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian meddling in the election, on Sunday insisted President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey in an attempt to destroy the election probe.

When asked by "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace about Trump's "motivation" for the move, Warner said he is waiting to learn the truth, which he expects to be dire.

"There is a lot more than smoke here," Warner said. "But I'm trying to give the president the benefit of the doubt until we finish the investigation."

Warner added that he found it "very disturbing" that Trump would fire the head of the FBI during an probe into his campaign's potential ties to Russia.

"The president's action and his statement lend to that appearance" that Trump fired Comey to interfere with the process, according to Warner.

The FBI probe has so far presented no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump to win last November.

In addition, neither intelligence committee in the House or Senate has found evidence of financial activity or inappropriate conversations between Trump's campaign associates and the Russian government in their probes of Russian interference.

Warner added there are "clearly a number of ongoing investigations on people affiliated with the Trump campaign," but did not disclose if any of those individuals were currently working in the White House.

The Virginia lawmaker said Attorney General Jeff Sessions should not be allowed to participate in the Justice Department's search for a permanent FBI director because he recused himself from the Russia investigation.