During a conference call with reporters, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said President Obama’s remarks on “horses and bayonets” during last night’s debate were “unpresidential” and showed “ignorance.”

“This line about horses and bayonets — astonishing that he would say such things as that, as he did throughout [the debate],” the Senator said. “This is a man who has never known anything about national defense or national security or served in the military. To make a smart a remark about horses and bayonets and the planes that fly off aircraft carriers, you know, to me, is not only unpresidential, but it shows a lack of maturity along with his lack of judgment.”

The Senator said later that Obama’s statement about the planes was “both demeaning to Mitt Romney and it also showed a degree of ignorance on the part of the President.”

McCain also asserted that Obama’s accusation that Romney wanted to leave American troops in Iraq was “dispiriting.” Obama had planned on leaving troops there, McCain said, but “was unable to do that because of his ineptitude.”