On MSNBC last night, Sen. Barbara Boxer admitted that she was furious after Sen. Rand Paul explained to Sec. Hillary Clinton yesterday that he would have fired her if he was president. Paul made the remarks during the Senate hearing on Clinton’s response to the Benghazi terror attacks.

“When I heard him say those words, I walked out of the hearing room, and listened to him behind the stage, because I was so infuriated at what that man said,” Boxer said.

Boxer added that it was ludicrous that Paul claimed that the terrorist attack in Benghazi was the worst tragedy since 9-11.

“Where was he during the Iraq war?” Boxer asked heatedly. “Which we went into on false pretense, which killed more than 4000 of our brave men and women, and injured tens of thousands and their lives will never be the same, and they’re committing suicide in great numbers.”

Boxer added that Paul’s remarks “say more about him than they say about her” and insisted that Republicans were making a mistake for attacking a remarkable Secretary of State who “took full responsibility” for what happened in Benghazi.

As MSNBC host Al Sharpton signed off, he asked Boxer if she wanted to see Hillary Clinton return as a candidate for President.

“Just between us, absolutely, yes.” Boxer replied.