Sen. Bob Casey predicted Tuesday that Congress will approve President Obama's request to intervene militarily in the violent civil conflict in Syria but said the administration "still has some work to do" to convince skeptical members.

There is "a lot of the information here ... So I think people are still listening and learning," said the Pennsylvania Democrat after a closed-door briefing on Syria at the Capitol.

"If this were a trial, it'd be discovery stage, looking at evidence, looking, asking questions and getting answers."

But Casey said that "after another seven, eight, nine days of briefing and of debate, I think ultimately when the votes are taken there will be enough support" for Obama's resolution to launch air strikes in Syria.

While a vote on the resolution isn't expected until next week, Casey said, "based upon what our military commanders have told us," he doesn't believe a delay will have damaging consequences.

"We have, I think, the capability that no other country in the world has, and that allows us, I think, time for debate," he said. "I think we've got the ability to deal with this, even in a number of days."

While the Democrat said he decided "a good while ago" to vote for a resolution to take military action against Syria, he doesn't begrudge colleagues still on the fence.

"It's a big decision for the country and it's a big decision not only for the administration but for members of Congress," he said. "So that's why I think discharging your responsibility to be as informed and as grounded in the subject matter and the facts as you can is of great consequence to members, and for a lot of people, it'll take a while before they make the determination, and we should respect that."