On the Hugh Hewitt show Tuesday, Sen. John Kyl, R-Ariz., reacted to the upcoming memoir from Robert Gates in which the former Defense secretary was critical of President Obama's approach to foreign policy.

Kyl remarked that Gates' comments were unexpected but not surprising, noting that the book helps "unmask" Obama's foreign policy mistakes.

"Yes, this will help to unmask President Obama. His domestic policies and mistakes have already been significantly unmasked." Kyle said.

"I mean, everything he’s done is unraveling. I mean, nothing is going right, and largely, it’s because of his disinterest or withdrawal from the world," Kyl added.

Kyl added that Gates rightly criticized Obama for letting politics run his foreign policy, unlike former President George W. Bush.

"[C]learly Gates respected the fact that Bush made his decisions based upon the international and national security issues at the time, not based on politics, whereas the Obama administration comes in, and almost everything seems to be based on politics," he said.