Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Thursday objected to the Senate Democrats’ attempt to move the budget bill to conference without assurance that the debt limit increase will not be included in the final report.

Lee took the opportunity to explain to critics from both parties why he was doing so.

“Proceeding to a secret, closed-door, back-room, 11th-hour deal, we are told, is the way the process works. It’s the way the Senate works. It’s the way the House works. It’s the way Washington works,” Lee said, citing his critics.

“We know this,” Lee added. “That’s why we’re objecting. In case nobody has noticed, the way Washington works stinks!”

Lee explained that he didn’t trust Congress to negotiate the budget deal without sneaking in a deal to raise the national debt.

“As it happens, Mr. President, the American people don’t trust Congress — or either party,” he stated, citing the national debt. “And we have given them at least seventeen trillion reasons not to.”

“We know this is business as usual around here,” he added. “That’s why we’re objecting.”