Yes, yes, Sen. Rob Portman admitted (again) to smoking weed back when he was a "dirty hippy," as Buzzfeed's John Stanton described the Ohio Republican during their interview Monday night, but Portman also carried on quite a bit about beer, too. Portman was Stanton's guest at the third installment of Buzzfeed Brews, held at the 201 Bar on Capitol Hill. The senator chided his host for not bringing his beer-drinking A-game. "Are you not going to drink, like, any of your beer?" Portman questioned the tattooed, bearded and mustached Washington bureau chief of Buzzfeed, who was apparently nursing his DC Brau. Portman, of course, was drinking an Ohio beer, an Eliot Ness from the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland. "This is kind of a relatively serious beer," Portman noted, adding that his favorite brew from Great Lakes was actually Burning River, a beer named after the Cuyahoga River fire of 1969. And with drinks, comes song. The Burning River reference made way for Portman to sing stanzas of "Burn On," a song about the incident by Randy Newman. "Burn on, big river, burn on," Portman sang.