During the Senate Judiciary hearing on gun violence, Sen. Ted Cruz publicly ridiculed Democrats for their proposed ban on “assault weapons.”

Cruiz pointed out that the phrases such as “assault weapons” and “military style weapons,” was a misleading tactic used by gun control advocates to scare American citizens unfamiliar with firearms.

“If it doesn’t ban machine guns, what does it ban?” asked Cruz. “What it bans, what I would suggest to you, are scary looking guns.”

Displaying a photo of a Remington 750, a popular hunting rifle, Cruz explained that it would be a legal firearm under the ‘assault weapons ban’ as long as it didn’t have cosmetic attachments.

Displaying a plastic pistol grip, Cruz explained that if he attached it to his rifle it would be become a “banned assault rifle”

“Are you aware of any evidence to suggest that attaching a piece of plastic to this rifle would make it any way whatsoever slightly more dangerous?” asked Cruz.