Senate Chaplain Barry Black asked in his morning prayer Wednesday for more lawmakers who will "stand for right, regardless of the consequences" after two GOP senators offered blunt criticisms of President Trump.

"Give us more senators who are true to duty as the needle to the pole. Give us more legislators who are not afraid to call sin by its right name," Black, a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral, said. "Lord, provide us with more patriots who will stand for right regardless of the consequences."

The Senate chaplain also praised "ethically congruent" members of Congress who are "true and honest."

"Almighty God, the foundation of true wisdom, you extend your powerful dominion over the universe," Black said. "Stand by our lawmakers and protect them with your might. Lord, refresh them with your wisdom as you prepare them not only for time, but eternity. Lord, we praise you for ethically congruent lawmakers who in their in-most beings are true and honest."

Black's comments come after Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee slammed Trump on separate occasions Tuesday.

In an interview on CNN, Corker said the president's legacy will be the "debasement of our nation," and said Trump has "great difficulty with the truth on many issues."

Corker also said Trump "debases our country" and serves as a poor role model for young Americans.

Flake, too, offered a brutal assessment of the president during a speech on the Senate floor announcing he won't seek re-election in 2018.

"Reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has been excused as telling it like it is, when it is actually reckless, outrageous and undignified," Flake said. "When such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else. It is dangerous to a democracy. Such behavior does not project strength because our strength comes from our values. It, instead, projects a corruption of the spirit and weakness.

"It is often said children are watching. Well, they are. And what are we going to do about that? When the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something? Why didn't you speak up? What are we going to say?"

The Arizona senator lamented the faction of the GOP that has "complete and unquestionable loyalty" to Trump, and said he believes he had an obligation to call out Trump's behavior.

"The notion that one should stay silent — and as the norms and values that keep America strong are undermined and as the alliances and agreements that ensure the stability of the entire world are routinely threatened by the level of thought that goes into 140 characters — the notion that we should say or do nothing in the face of such mercurial behavior is ahistoric and, I believe, profoundly misguided."