The Senate confirmed another of President Trump’s picks to fill a Pentagon post Tuesday as it speeds up consideration of defense nominees.

Senators voted 91-7 to approve John Gibson as deputy chief management officer just hours after the Armed Services Committee sent another four nominees, including the president’s choice for Army secretary, to the chamber floor.

Those nominees must still be scheduled for a final confirmation vote and Democrats could use procedural tactics to delay that, but Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the Armed Services chairman, has been racing ahead, scheduling three hearings on 12 nominees since last week.

McCain told the Washington Examiner he plans to keep up that pace next week. He lifted an earlier hold on nominees after clearing up a dispute with the Pentagon over its sharing of information on military operations with the Senate.

So far, the Senate has confirmed 17 of the 57 Pentagon positions that must be filled by the Trump administration.

Gibson, who will handle a wide scope of DoD business operations, had his Armed Services hearing in July and had been waiting for a floor vote since then. He was most recently the CEO of XCOR Aerospace, a developer of rocket engines and the Lynx suborbital space plane, and faced questions from committee Democrats over the company’s financial hardships.

It laid off its employees after funding from a prime contractor suddenly dried up in what was a “messy, high-risk” business venture, Gibson said at the time.