Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said Wednesday that Trump's unprecedented public meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday is a sign that he might be able to push Congress toward a deal on immigration, but warned that Trump has to go beyond that photo op and help the parties compromise.

Coons said on MSNBC that Trump was expected to be a grand deal-maker as president, which is not a role he took on last year.

"But for a variety of reasons, he's realized that that's the president he needs to be in order to be successful as president, and in order for the Republican Party to survive the 2018 elections," he said.

"So what I thought we saw yesterday in that meeting, both in the visuals and in the conversation, was a president really trying to be and sound reasonable on a compromise around the Dreamers, on DACA," Coons added.

"If the president chooses to make this not just a one-day photo op, but to show real leadership here, he actually could move us forward by getting a resolution to the status of Dreamers, and new investment in border security," he said.

Coons warned, however, that some of the biggest obstacles to helping Dreamers stay and work in the U.S. are in the Republican Party. But he said that's why Trump could get it done, if he is able to lead the GOP toward a permanent DACA fix.

"This is the president, President Trump is the president who could get that done," he said.