Republicans have 50 votes in the Senate for their tax bill, Senate GOP Whip John Cornyn said Friday morning, and leaders are still working to bring over holdouts Sens. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake.

Republicans only need 50 votes to pass the bill, as Vice President Mike Pence could cast the deciding vote.

Cornyn said they were still working to win over Corker and Flake, who are holding out on the bill because of its deficit impact.

"Right now we don't have him," Cornyn said of Corker. "We're still talking to Sen. Flake too, but we're confident of the 50 and would like to build on that."

Orrin Hatch, the Republican chairman of the Finance Committee, suggested Friday morning that they were still debating whether to include in the bill a "debt trigger" to win over Corker and Flake.

"There are those who think there has to be [a trigger] — there are others who don't find that quite as important," he said.

It was not clear what deals had been cut to get 50 Republican votes.

Republicans hope to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Friday.