Although the new Michael Bay film "13 hours" does not mention Hillary Clinton once by name, Republican lawmakers believe the film sends a very clear message about the upcoming 2016 election.

"The actions on the film highlight the utter negligence of Hillary Clinton's State Department leading up to the Benghazi attack," U.S. Senator Tom Cotton said on Friday night, at an event hosted by the democratic opposition research PAC America Rising. "Hillary Clinton was negligent at a minimum in not ensuring that they were [granted extra security] ... her conduct was grotesque."

Along with Cotton both former Deputy National Security Advisor for President George W. Bush, Elliott Abrams, and former Ambassador Ron Weiser agreed that the movie did not play well to Clinton's 2016 run for the White House. The former secretary of state has repeatedly praised Obama's foreign policy agenda, even though Libya has been declared a "failed state" since her tenure and is now a stronghold for the Islamic State.

Large segments of the Michael Bay movie focused on how those under attack at the U.S. outposts in Libya were left stranded by their own government, even after multiple requests for backup and assistance.

"The movie speaks for itself," Weiser said of the film, which opened in theatres just seventeen days before the Iowa caucuses and as Clinton falls behind in the polls to her opponent Bernie Sanders.

"A sequel might be called five minutes because that's how long Obama and Secretary Clinton put into their role here," Cotton added.

During the last Democratic debate, Clinton said that she believes the US is "where we need to be" in the fight against the Islamic State. If elected, Clinton would not send ground troops to the Middle East, but rather begin airstrikes by an anti-ISIS coalition, combined with the help of local ground forces who can take back territory.

Nearly every candidate in the GOP field has said that Clinton's foreign policy plans are not broad or effective enough, citing Clinton's role in the attacks on Beghazi as evidence of her lack of competence.

"Putting the fear of God and the Untied States is a very good thing to do," the Former Bush official said of the failures in Libya. "As Americans watch this it is a reminder that Benghazi is not the only incident. It is a reminder of the problem that the United States is not treated or viewed nor does it act the way it did only a few years ago."