Senator-elect Ted Cruz, R-Texas, believes that his home state, Republican stronghold though it is, could begin to vote Democratic and spell the end of the Republican Party if the GOP does not improve its standing with Hispanic voters.

“In not too many years, Texas could switch from being all Republican to all Democrat,” Cruz told The New Yorker. ““If that happens, no Republican will ever again win the White House. New York and California are for the foreseeable future unalterably Democrat. If Texas turns bright blue, the Electoral College math is simple . . . The Republican Party would cease to exist. We would become like the Whig Party.”

Cruz said that the Hispanic vote could drive that change. “If Republicans do not do better in the Hispanic community,” he predicted, “in a few short years Republicans will no longer be the majority party in our state.”

Democrats seem increasingly hopeful that Cruz is correct about the trends in his state. “I can guarantee you that In 2012, Texas and Missouri are going to be Democratic states and vote for Barack Obama for president,” Howard Dean said in 2009. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but earlier this year, President Obama made a similar prediction during a fundraising speech in which he discussed illegal immigration issues.

“You’re not considered one of the battleground states,” Obama said. “Although that’s going to be changing soon.” Speaking of the DREAM Act, Obama went on to say that “we can secure our borders, and give opportunities to people who are striving and working hard.”