Children of veterans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan will receive smaller college scholarships this year because of sequestration budget cuts, according to the Department of Education.

Those who received approval for the Iraq and Afghanistan War Grants before March 1 will not see a reduction in their scholarship, according to ABC. But new applicants will get about $2,133.81 less this year, a little more than  a 37 percent cut.

The scholarships are for children of members military who died as a result of military service performed in Iraq or Afghanistan after the events of 9/11.

The announcement coincides with the tenth anniversary of the war in Iraq. It is the second blow to military families announced in the last several weeks. The Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force have suspended tuition assistance for active-duty members for the rest of the fiscal year.

Those who have already received approval for the assistance this year will still get it, but about 115,000 others will be affected by the cuts, ABC News reports.

Several petitions to reinstate tuition assistance have already been filed, both on the White House’s tuition and on