Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday again used a speech to push his tough-on-crime message.

Speaking at the Ethics and Compliance Initiative's Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., the nation's top law enforcement officer reiterated the need "to turn back the recent surge in violent crime."

"The last several years have shown an uptick," Sessions said, citing a January report by the Major Cities Chiefs Association suggesting the overall homicide rate rose by almost 11 percent in 61 U.S. cities in 2016.

"We have a situation […] that all of us in the Department of Justice need to focus on," Sessions said. "We will try to reverse this trend."

Sessions also praised state and local law enforcement, saying the last 30 years saw "fabulous" improvements in terms of policing.

"[The way we supervise police officers, the way we call on them to be in the communities," Sessions said, adding, "Dealing with smaller crimes […] absolutely work."

Sessions also reiterated his calls for immigration reform, saying the DOJ will "not end immigration" but rather illegal immigration.