Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., observed that President Obama’s health care law generates an unfunded liability twice as large as Social Security.

“Independent of the constitutional issues, the health care law is utterly unaffordable—costing $2.6 trillion over the first full ten-year window,” Sessions said in a statement on the Obamacare ruling. “This massive new entitlement program adds $17 trillion in unfunded long-term obligations—more than twice the unfunded obligations of Social Security.”

Although the Supreme Court ruled that the Commerce Clause cannot be used to compel Americans to purchase products, Sessions is still worried that the ruling today upholding the mandate as a tax expands government power.

“The question has to be asked to what extent all government mandates and demands can just be referred to as a tax, thus unleashing the power of the central government to dictate individual Americans’ private, everyday decisions,” he said.