Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it through the gauntlet laid by President Trump and his Twitter account this week and is already looking to future moves to cut illegal immigration and further squeeze the MS-13 criminal gang.

He set that path earlier Thursday when he flew to El Salvador for a summit aimed at reducing the causes that force Latin Americans to flee their countries, including gang violence.

"It's been a difficult week but he always comes back to the job at hand," said a source familiar with the situation.

"DOJ has gotten a lot done this week on sanctuary cities and he's pushing ahead on MS-13 which was part of the president's first executive order to the AG," the source added.

Sessions this week threatened anew "sanctuary cities," and the Center for Immigration Studies Thursday went to bat for him by tabulating over $32 million in potential Justice funding cuts to cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

In fact, the war on MS-13, started in the U.S., then exported to Latin America before returning with a vengeance, was led by Sessions and on Friday Trump plans to take some credit for the fight when he visits New York.

CIS released a map of where those cuts could take place.

Insiders are eager for the president's anger at Sessions die down. The president and top aide Anthony Scaramucci have been hinting that Sessions should quit because the attorney general recused himself from the Russia-elections probe.

In detailing Sessions' trip, Justice officials pointed out that Trump and the attorney general are on the same page when it comes to fighting MS-13.

The release said, "President Trump and Attorney General Sessions have made eradicating transnational criminal organizations like MS-13 a top priority of this administration. As the Attorney General said in Central Islip in April, ‘I have a message for any gang that targets our young people: we are targeting you, and we are coming after you.' This visit demonstrates the lengths to which the Trump Administration will go in the mission to eradicate this gang and anyone who threatens the safety of our communities."

Sessions has won strong support from GOP lawmakers and influential group since Trump's tweet storm.

What's more, several of his supporters have pointed out that many of the victories scored by the administration so far are under Sessions' umbrella, including the substantial reduction in illegal immigration and the war on sanctuary cities.

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