District 30 House of Delegates candidate Seth Howard sent out an email happily announcing "WE WON! " adding a big "Thank You! We had a terrific day yesterday, and we're looking forward to November 2nd. You have spoken, and sent a powerful message. I am honored to carry your flag.....Semper Fi"

Well, yeah, Howard did win one of six spots on the November ballot, but he was one of three candidates on the Republican ballot. Republican voters could select up to three of the three and Howard came in a distant third with 5669 votes to incumbent Ron George in first place with 7200 and Herb McMillan in second with 6266. But yes, Howard did win....but it was still a third place finish and he was virtually guaranteed a win. However, he did place about a hundred votes ahead of the third place Democratic finisher, Judd Legum.

This is a reason for Howard to celebrate, and I certainly don't blame him for doing so. However, while it is a candidate's job to put a positive spin on everything he or she does, it's mine to put it into context. Howard did win, but he is still the fifth-place vote collector in what is now a six-place race, and way behind the top three finishers, Mike Busch, Virginia Clagett and Ron George. Howard will be holding a fundraiser on September 21 at an Edgewater home with special guest Audrey Scott, chair of the MD Republican Party. 

This race results will likely be close, and the campaigns will be
hard-fought and full of defending records, attacking records and lots of back and forth about taxes and spending ...of course. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

From: http://annapoliscapitalpunishment.blogspot.com/