Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, who on Wednesday said he accepted a position at the Department of Homeland Security, has been accused of plagiarism by a CNN report released Saturday.

CNN's KFile said it found 47 instances in which Clarke failed to properly attribute sources used in a 2013 master's thesis on U.S. security at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He eventually did earn a master's degree in security studies.

The report said Clarke did not quote text ripped straight from publications from the ACLU, the 9/11 Commission Report, various think tanks and media outlets and former President George W. Bush's book, "Decision Points."

Clarke was contacted for comment, the report said, but instead of replying he tweeted out before the report was published that KFile's Andrew Kaczynski is a "hack" who has also run hits on Sen. Rand Paul and Monica Crowley, a conservative commentator who backed out of a chance in January to serve then-President-elect Trump's administration as a senior aide amid fallout from a similar plagiarism report.

The Naval Postgraduate School told CNN that standard procedure is to open an investigation when accusation of plagiarism are made.

The thesis was removed from the Naval Postgraduate School website, which Kaczynski noted is standard procedure for investigations into plagiarism accusations.

Though Clarke said he has accepted a role with the Trump administration, set to start next month as assistant DHS secretary, the DHS public affairs office was unable to confirm his claim.