The Trump transition team is being urged to install the nation's most prominent local immigration policy enforcer, Maricopa County, Az. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as head of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Arpaio, who lost his reelection, endorsed and appeared with President-elect Donald Trump, and he is an ally of Sen. Jeff Sessions, nominated at attorney general Friday.

"The American public is very thankful that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has stood up to the Obama administration and all of the power groups that are backing the illegal immigrant invasion of America," said William Gheen, president Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

"Sheriff Joe has proven that he can incarcerate large numbers of criminals affordably and efficiently yet humanely despite their complaints about pink underwear. Arpaio's experience and proven leadership fighting illegal immigration and the fact Obama's team removed him from office makes him a perfect pick for the Trump administration," he added.

During the campaign, Arpaio appeared four times with Trump in Arizona and he also spoke at the Republican National Convention, drawing chants of Trump's rallying cry "Built the wall."

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