President Trump's treasury secretary bore the brunt of Democratic outrage at the administration Thursday, facing accusations that Trump has been dishonest.

"You can't lead if we don't believe you," Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown told Steven Mnuchin during a Senate Banking Committee hearing.

Brown, the top Democrat on the committee, raised concerns with Mnuchin about the report that Trump sought to stop an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn's possible ties to Russia. Concerns about that issue and Trump's disclosure of sensitive information to Russian officials created problems this week for other nominees for Treasury posts.

Russia, however, is not the only concern on Democrats' minds.

Brown challenged Mnuchin on what he portrayed as the Trump administration's broken promises on trade with China, tax cuts, budget deficits, Wall Street regulation, infrastucture spending and funding for Medicaid, among other topics.

Trump "seems to have forgotten the tremendous problems that Wall Street created" in the financial crisis, Brown said.

He also pressed Mnuchin to provide a list of possible conflicts that Trump and his family's overseas investments and business ties might pose with U.S. anti-terrorism, sanctions, and money-laundering rules. "People in this country are troubled by the president's business connections," he said.

Brown also suggested that Mnuchin had not responded to a letter he sent on the topic in March. A Treasury representative said the department had replied to the letter in late March. In turn, a representative for Brown said that "the brief letter" received from the treasury did not answer the questions asked.