The Trump administration’s data-rich new report on the threat of unchecked immigration reveals that dozens of potential criminals and terrorists are blocked from boarding U.S.-bound jets every single day.

The 11-page report said that from fiscal years 2010-2016, some 73,261 visitors have been blocked.

That is an average of 49 every day.

From the report:

Finally, as published in the United States Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) annual “Border Security Report,” the National Targeting Center (NTC), the Immigration Advisory Program (IAP), and the Regional Carrier Liaison Group (RCLG) led CBP efforts between FY 2010 and FY 2016 to identify and prevent the boarding of 73,261 foreign travelers on flights destined for the United States, who may have presented an immigration or security risk.

CBP works with industry partners to ensure the safety of the traveling public. IAP employs CBP officers at foreign airports where they review passenger information and/or assess the passenger documentation prior to their U.S.-bound flights. IAP officers make “no board” recommendations to carriers and host governments regarding passengers bound for the United States. RCLGs located in Honolulu, Miami, and New York, expand the Nation’s zone of security beyond the physical U.S. borders by working with commercial carriers to prevent the boarding of passengers who may pose a security threat, have fraudulent travel documents, or are otherwise inadmissible to the United States.

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