Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's long fall in popularity back home has hit a new low, one that could spell an end to the buzz she's considering a presidential bid in 2016.

In a new poll, she would lose a head-to-head contest with Democrat Hillary Clinton, 44 percent to 43 percent.

Worse, she doesn't even lead among those considering a GOP primary bid. Sen. Rand Paul is tops among Alaska Republicans at 15 percent followed by Palin, who is tied with Sen. Ted Cruz at 13 percent; Jeb Bush at 12 percent, Mike Huckabee, 11 percent; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 6 percent; Sen. Marco Rubio, 6 percent; and a tie at 4 percent for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan.

In the new PPP poll, it is clear that the state remains in the Tea Party camp with Cruz, Paul and Huckabee staying popular. But to come in second in a GOP matchup is a blow to Palin, the darling of that movement and a politician who has done much to propel other Tea Party candidates to victory.

To add insult to injury, PPP found that among GOP voters in her home state, just 28 think she should run for president. Some 62 percent want the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee to sit out the race.

The poll from the Democratic firm found that Bush is the state’s pick to run against Clinton. In a Bush-Clinton matchup, Bush wins 47 percent to 39 percent. Paul, Christie and Huckabee would also beat Clinton. "Palin does worse in her home state than any of the other potential Republican candidates we tested," said PPP.

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