Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray's agency has been slammed in recent months for refusing to divulge to Congress details of its lavish spending on a new headquarters.

The CFPB has also been exposed by the Washington Examiner for running an NSA-like surveillance program that compromises the privacy of hundreds of millions of Americans' most intimate financial dealings.

Cordray's agency has even been taken to court by the Examiner in conjunction with the nonprofit group Judicial Watch for chronically refusing to make public even the most basic details of its spending of tax dollars.

Now there's this

But things are now getting even worse for Cordray because a CFPB attorney has come forward with shocking details about widespread personnel abuses in the bureau, including blatant racism, gender discrimination and illegal retaliation against whistle blowers.

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., wanted to ensure President Obama knows that "Army Veteran and CFPB employee Angela Martin recounted an environment of racism and sexism at the CFPB: '...women were seen 'crying in their offices after suffering from abuse.'

"In fact, she claimed some employees have been clinically diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from the hostile work environment.

"Ms. Martin also informed members [of the House Financial Services Committee] that one particular division of the agency was commonly referred to as 'The Plantation,' a derogatory reference, and that a non-white immigrant employee was referred to as ‘an F-ing foreigner.’

"What’s worse is that Ms. Martin claims Director Cordray asked her to ‘back down’ in exchange for help securing her a new position."

Obama can't say he didn't know

Duffy said he sent his April 8 letter to Obama because the president has so often claimed not to know about serious problems, including the IRS scandal, the Fast and Furious gun-running program and NSA's domestic spying.

The Wisconsin GOP representative challenged Obama to come up with "a plan of action to rectify these charges; up to and including possible removal of Director Cordray and replacing him with a professional who will not tolerate or cover up this kind of behavior."

The full text of Duffy's letter to Obama can be read here. The Examiner has asked for a response from Cordray to Duffy's letter.

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