In a sane version of the United States, legislation allowing religious groups the freedom to opt out of laws that would require them to violate their beliefs would be a mostly non-controversial story.

But this is 2017, and propagandists infect both sides of every debate.

A Trump administration regulation currently under consideration would protect religious groups from having to participate in the Department of Health and Human Services mandate requiring that they cover services like the morning-after pill.

"[T]he new rule would leave in place the religious ‘accommodation' created by the Obama administration, making that route available to groups that choose to continue using it," the pro-religious liberty group, the Becket Fund, explained this week, referring to the leaked proposal.

They added, "The new rule also makes it clear that insurers may issue separate policies to women whose employers are exempt from the mandate. … The contraceptive mandate issue has been to the Supreme Court five times, and each time the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of broader protections for religious groups."

The Becket Fund has defended the Little Sisters of the Poor in their ongoing quest to be exempt from the HHS mandate.

"This rule, if made official in this form, is consistent with those Supreme Court rulings. If the rule goes into effect, further legal action will still be necessary to wrap up the challenges to the prior version of the mandate," said the Becket Fund.

Seems reasonable.

Let's head over now to Vox.comland and see how they handled the leaked rule story.

The original headline in the matter read, "Trump's birth control crackdown is coming."

Oh, come on.

"Any day now, President Trump is expected to roll back Obamacare's contraceptive mandate," reporter Dylan Scott wrote this week for his healthcare newsletter. "The Trump administration had a few options for undercutting the health care law's requirement that all health plans cover contraceptives at no cost to the woman."

He continued, "It appears they'll take the ‘religious freedom' route, making it easier for employers with religious objections to skirt the mandate."

Nice scare quotes.

You know, next time you hear national reporters kvetch about the Trump administration admitting right-wing flunkies to daily press briefings, remember that the propagandists were a constant presence at the Obama White House.

Same trash, different teams.