On WNYC radio this morning, host Brian Lehrer asked probably the most prevalent question to former Congressman Anthony Weiner about his Twitter scandal and its effect on his run for mayor.

“For some people, the worst of it, and the most relevant part of it, was that you lied publicly when your tweets were first coming to light, suggesting that your Twitter account had been hacked. Why shouldn’t that raise concerns — not just about your personal behavior but about your public integrity and how much people could trust your word as mayor?”

Weiner ignored his betrayal of the public trust, emphasizing to Lehrer that his scandal was “private,” and reminding the audience that he lied to hide the truth from his wife.

“Well, this was an enormous private failing that I was very embarrassed by, and it doesn’t make it any better, but I was deceptive to my wife, and I was trying to conceal from my wife this embarrassing thing that I had done, and I reacted to it wrong,” Weiner explained, admitting that it was a mistake and an “element of my private life.”

Lehrer pinpoints the biggest hurdle for Weiner in his campaign for mayor. As much as he insists his scandal was “private,” it was indeed a very public failing.