The Family Research Council security agent shot by an attacker enraged with the conservative policy group's opposition to same-sex marriage said he was urged by God to let the assailant live, a message he listened to.

Tony Perkins, president of FRC, told Secrets Monday that unarmed building manager and part-time guard Leo Johnson heard God's voice while he was struggling with shooter Floyd Lee Corkins, who volunteered at a gay-rights group. Perkins said Johnson would have been justified in shooting back at his assailant, but God stepped in.

"He could have, and would have, been justified in shooting the man, because he had no idea if he had another weapon, or what he planned to do," said Perkins, in Tampa, Florida to press the Republican Party's platform committee to retain language that supports traditional marriage.

"But," added Perkins, "Leo told me that in that moment, he said, 'The Lord spoke to me and said don't shoot him.' And he didn't. Leo called for help and other members of the team came and held the gunman until the the police arrived."

After he heard Johnson's account, Perkins said he told him, "You made the right decision."

Perkins added that Johnson is recovering from being shot in the arm and should be home soon.

As a sign of how fast he has recovered, Johnson on Monday sent FRC staff cookies and a note of thanks for supporting him since last Wednesday's shooting.

"Leo acted precisely as a security professional would have acted. He was unarmed and despite being shot, was able to take down this man with one arm, take the gun from him, and put the gun on the man," said Perkins, who made similar comments over the weekend on Mike Huckabee's Fox News show.