Did anyone else raise an eyebrow when President Obama over the weekend told The New Republic that he likes to shoot skeet at Camp David?

"Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time," he told the magazine.

His comments seemed remarkable for two reasons: His fondness for shotguns has never been revealed before. But his disdain for Camp David has.

"He hates it," said New York Times White House reporter Helene Cooper last May on the Chris Matthews show. "Obama doesn't like going there," she added.

The reason: It doesn't have a golf course, just a putting green. For Obama, said the presidential reporter, "It's all about the golf."

The proof of his attitude toward Camp David is in the numbers. CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller reveals that the president has been to "Camp" just 29 times, accounting for 72 days. That's about five percent of his presidency, now in its second term.

Over two terms, former President George W. Bush visited Camp David 149 times over 487 days.