Sierra Club officials praised the planned closures of one-third of America's coal plants over the next decade, further promoting the “war on coal.”

Rather than promote other forms of energy in an effort to compete coal out of the market, the Sierra Club seems to be more interested in crushing the coal industry to force Americans to purchase more expensive, less efficient forms of energy like wind and solar.

The Sierra Club called the coal plant closures a “significant milestone” in its effort to remove coal from the market by 2030.

“When the Beyond Coal campaign began in 2010, few people could have imagined that within four years, this country would revolutionize the way that it produces and uses energy,” Bruce Nilles, director of Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, said. “The end of coal is coming, and millions of Americans are already benefitting from cleaner, affordable, more modern sources of energy like wind and solar.”

America is at a transformative moment in its history,” Nilles said. “We’re fundamentally changing the way we power the country. But it’s a feat that would have been impossible without the continued dedication of our allied and partner organizations, community members, local groups and citizens who are fighting for a cleaner environment.”

With the price of solar panels and wind power decreasing exponentially in recent years, why does the Sierra Club and Obama administration feel the need to regulate coal out of existence?

It would be much less detrimental to jobs and the economy if the technologies were allowed to compete on the free market, without the government picking winners and losers.